“Wow! Where do I start?
It feels like the start of an amazing journey - learning to give and to receive, being able to heal and balance myself and others, self-transformation and inner peace will also become more powerful with this wonderful technique.”

NZ - Reiki I Student


For reiki treatments, traditional Japanese reiki courses and learning meditation in Cairns please contact Julie, Reiki Master and Teacher of Usui Reiki Ryoho. You will receive professional reiki treatments and comprehensive reiki training with a qualified Reiki and Meditation Teacher.

Reiki is a wonderful technique which is beautiful to experience and easy to learn. Reiki has definitely changed my life and as I watch my clients and students relax and develop after experiencing and learning reiki it leaves me with a sense of awe and inspiration.

Private yoga classes designed for you are also available at Rainforest Reiki. Choose from yin or yang styles and/or myofascial release sequences which can be tailor made to work on different parts of the body.

For learning simple meditation techniques Julie offers Beginner and Intermediate courses. Private classes and combined meditation and reiki treatment sessions are available.

Journeywork based on Brandon Bays book “The Journey” is also available.

Allow yourself to come and experience reiki with Rainforest Reiki today and start “allowing your own light within to shine”.


Developed in the early 1900's by Usui Mikao, Reiki is known throughout the world as a hands on healing technique. It is in fact much more...

As we delve deeper, the system of reiki is very much a self development practice which involves learning different meditations and techniques. These build energy within, helping you to let go of worries and anger allowing you to become true to your nature. As you become happier and more fulfilled others around you will also benefit.

Whether you choose a treatment or to study Reiki, the benefits are numerous. Reiki supports the body to heal naturally and can be used alongside conventional medicine and other natural health modalities such as acupuncture and reflexology.
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It assists in balancing the body, provides stress relief, strengthens immunity and has also been found to assist in pain relief and detoxification.

On an individual level Reiki typically enhances personal awareness and clarity. It helps one to let go of any negativity and increases positivity. It can stimulate creativity and can help clear any blocked emotions in a relaxed supportive environment.

Reiki supports the needs of the client/student empowering them to take the next step leading to a more fulfilling spiritual life.

Reiki can be used on yourself, friends and family, pets, farm animals and plants.